Snax 2

And the punch line. That is Coyote Woman, her Mother. In the convoluted backstory, Coyote Woman was the Daughter of Coyote and a mortal woman that Coyote seduced in the form of a hansom young man. Later, Coyote would seduce his own Daughter and begat the Coyote Sisters. Enraged by the deception, Coyote Woman put a curse on Coyote, linking them together in half form. Neither could transform or disguise themselves without the knowledge and consent of the other. So she remains in her half form, has a couple little living sites around the southwest, herds a few sheep and works a little garden. Coyote sulks up in the hills, frustrated in his restricted powers, but keeps in touch with his (grand) daughters, teaching them little bits of lore and magics. For now, this is all I have in finished work for publication. I do have a folder of sketches and spot art (including NSFW content) over on Fur Affinity and repeat a few pieces on Deviant Art.