Albedo Prototype issue cover

In 1983, before the first real issue, A friend, Mike Brocha, with printer access suggested we do a mini-'zine, in no small part to just DO something and see what kind of production bugs might crop up in the process. This is the cover of the third printing, as the mini became something of a success, though each printing was fairly short, a few hundred at a time. The only difference in the blue printings were that the first few copies of the first printing also had a yellow layer to color the table, and the subsequent printings had a little note saying so in the inside back cover. There was a more mass-produced fourth printing with a reversed blue cover (white with blue lines) and a couple extra pages of filler material.
2016-04-13 10:09:55 
This was the comic I found for sale at a little hobby shop called Models East. It was '86 I think. They were only open a few months but it's thanks to them I found out about Albedo. TMNT, Heavy Metal magazine. D&D, Blade Runner and Cerebus the Aardvark all on the same day.