Erma Felna EDF page 72

2016-08-29 05:05:33 
Ah the joys of a "free" press.. Lazloe really is a pain, ain't he. Free comes only with responsibility, some thing that L doesn't seem to have. I don't remember quite how this played out, so am awaiting the next instalment. My copies of Albedo are buried on the files. And I met Deal W at a Con, Balti-con I think. Another artist/writer who left far too soon. I really have to get into the storage and sort out the collection..56 cases of comix, the last time I looked. WCJ ...The joys of rambling on at 0500 when the awake far too early in the A.M. Damn Pills!!! THE COLONEL
2016-08-29 05:08:29 
And Erma is damn cute in that "full dress" dress uniform.