Erma Felna EDF page 75

Written before I realized there could be salvage fusing on the device that could detonate it as soon as it detected that it was being hit by anything. The electronics and final detonation sequence being faster than even a shaped-charge penetration.
2016-08-28 15:13:26 
Odd, did I forget to read this issue? I'm so glad that this is being uploaded.
2016-08-29 04:43:30 
It would all depend on where the "terrorists" got the beast.. There seem to be a lot of loose nucs floating around in Erma's' universe. What is the term for the control system of a Thermo-nuc? Permissive Action Link is the one that I have heard. Didn't the Air Force loose one, in South Carolina, I think, where the bloody thing came down from an accident The drag chute deployed, and it ended up in a fiels, stuck in the ground like a lawn dart. The comment was that 4 of the 5 P.A. Links had fired, only the last level preventing a 5 mega ton boom. I loved the observation from "Broken Arrow" [the movie]n that the worryment was not that they could loose one of the beasts, but that it happened often enough that the powers that be had a term for it???? Not a great move, can't stand J> Revolta. but it had a point. WCJ
2016-08-29 06:23:47 
correction, Goldsboro,NC, 2 weapons, 1 stuck in ground like a dart, the other butied about 200 ft below ground level, most pieced recovered, some still there. The "lawn dart was the one that was one switch from BOOM, supposedly 15MT. Jan,1961
2016-09-01 22:16:27 
Actually the Mk39 was a 2-4MT device.