Albedo nr 8 cover

Number 8 will be the high point in the sales for Albedo, driven in no small part by the B&W comic boom and subsequent bust. At this time, with the crazy collectability of some titles, speculation on what would be the Next Big Thing was encouraging mindless shot-gun buying by stores and individuals, stocking up on various new books, often sight unseen. So, very quickly, there was a lot of unsellable books on shelves and in collections and the recognition that it was now an unsustainable bubble market. So, about half the copies of Nr. 8 that had been pre-ordered were never actually delivered or paid for as stores and distributors were dying left and right. An extra problem with the run was a high level of spoilage, due to contamination/dirt getting in the boxes and scuffing the covers, often rather badly. But, about 16,000 copies were made, and maybe half got shipped. The issue also contianed another episode of Matt Howarth's Konny and Czu story Harvest, and just the raw pencils for an installement of Deal Whitley's High Orbit.
2016-10-14 10:08:58 
I was one of those who bought every issue. I was highly disappointed when the Albedo story just quit.
2016-10-14 10:10:15 
(For that matter, I'm looking for an artist willing to work on my own story.)
2016-10-15 00:16:26 
Well, its a bit of a disruption when your wife is diagnosed with cancer.
2016-10-15 09:40:35 
Ah. I never knew that. Is she a survivor?
2016-10-15 13:48:05 
I was about half-way through issue 3 of the SFA published volume when she was diagnosed. Everything stopped at that point, and has never really picked back up two years later when she finally died. I want to get things started back up, but its been hard. But things are up to have something soon.
2016-10-16 10:56:24 
I'm sorry to hear that you lost her. I've lost my father and my wife's grandmother to cancer. My own wife got diagnosed and had to have a hysterectomy and ovaries removed, but she's so far been clear for the last 6 years. Getting back to the story, I'm looking forward to the new part. I'd always considered your art among the best back then; far less 'toonish' than most others used in a 'furry' comic.