New Albedo 1 cover

After a couple year interruption due to any number of things, including getting a house and large yard in need of some substantial work and getting married and stuff like that, I got back to the comic. However, I gave over the publishing duties to Antarctic Press. Unfortunately, there were some technical issues that needed to be dealt with, including how not to do toned art. So the Erma art in the issue was pretty badly reproduced, so much so that the pages here will be from the Command Review reprint that uses the original line art and shading sheets instead of the airbrushed tone art. Also not included will be a three-page recap of the story, not needed nor reproducable for here. Also in the issue was a new episode of Dan Flahive's Space Wolf story.
2017-03-10 15:52:20 
But it had a great cover! WCJ
2017-03-14 23:55:36 
Yes, the cover is great. A rare happy moment for Erma.