Erma Felna EDF page 276

The Resistance
2017-06-30 02:22:48 
Okay, now I'm more convinced the computer is up to no good. It's a creator artifact, so it might have it's own agenda. This is getting really good! I mean, even better!
2017-06-30 05:24:36 
It's a hidden Creator program to terminate the experiment, and destroy the experimental animals.
2017-06-30 06:13:04 
That motive implies that the "Creators" are still out there somewhere, and are monitoring the "Experiment" .No evidence of this, so far. as far as I can see. BTW, what has happened with Radio Comics reprint of Birthright? WCJ.
2017-06-30 06:15:19 
Pitty She didn't make hard copies ,like the Captain did...WCJ
2017-06-30 10:15:30 
Tiny spoiler. It was the governor and the corrupt elements in the EDF and Confed. When you control the official record, you can make any narrative to fit your agenda.
2017-06-30 12:41:53 
I was being sarcastic.