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Just about every ship has some form of of close-in kinetic defense, usually auto-cannons with 'smart' rounds. The ILR really likes 'caseless' ammunition, or more accurately, combustible or consumable cased ammo, instead of a durable cartridge case for propellant. They also go in for so called 'telescoping' rounds, in which the projectile is inside the fuel grain. How that works is that the initial ignition impulse starts the projectile down the barrel and only then does the full charge ignite.
2017-09-15 03:20:09 
Even more evidence that they are on a suicide mission.
2017-09-16 01:46:58 
2017-09-17 10:58:10 
Maybe they plan to use the empty space, to install a completely different weapon system... Like the Avro Lancaster modified to carry the Dam Buster.
2017-09-19 12:16:39 
I saw the last remaining Dambuster Lancaster at a airshow a few years ago.