Erma Felna EDF page 345

2017-10-10 02:23:23 
Chhptht? How is his name supposed to be pronounced? :)
2017-10-10 03:58:47 
Just like its spelled ;) But if I had to do something with it, I'd say 'chip-that'. Don't really expect many of the names to be actually pronouced, just awfull collections of letters on the page.
2017-10-11 11:32:15 
At least, someone realizes that something odd is going on. Unrelated to this - I was browsing the archives, and looks like page 26 was replaced by page 266.
2017-10-12 00:57:25 
Smacks the side of the internet. Updates are stuck again!
2017-10-12 12:07:41 
More issues with the archives. Now cover of issue 12 is replaced by page 12 of issue 1... (see previous comment from me)
2017-10-12 12:16:43 
Back cover of issue 12 is gone too, also replaced by page 12 of issue 1. Very odd.