Erma Felna EDF page 380

2017-12-01 01:33:13 
It is very surprising that even though Alfon knew very well that he was going to die, he never lost his temper or his cool despite the tragic situation.
2017-12-01 02:28:09 
A surprisingly fair number of cockpit recordings include the pilot being merely a bit vexed, not even peeved, at the prospect of immediate disaster.
2017-12-01 03:35:18 
Yeah, I already know that, but taking into account he was flying basically a flying brick which was plunging to ground without control, I was expecting at least to freak out a bit, other than making a comment about losing the use of the Net.
2017-12-01 04:48:25 
He had to be reminded to warn the passengers, trust me he was freaked.
2017-12-01 12:03:38 
Poor Alfon, talk about a shitty way to go out! He got seriously screwed.
2017-12-01 14:06:32 
Tavas murdered those people. Even more reason for him to be hung.
2017-12-01 22:31:21 
Just when you thought the day couldn't get any worse....
2017-12-03 13:24:38 
Tavas, and the people he's conspiring with, have already committed such heinous crimes that murder means nothing to them now. This is, whether it started that way or not, nothing less than an attempted military coup. Whatever lies they may tell themselves, they want the same power that the bunny's military have. I only hope that one young officer who asks so many questions survives long enough to do something about his own people's military cabal, and that Erma manages to stop this cabal before it does any more damage.