Color Special page 15

This is the page that got dropped in the book and instead the next page was duplicated, and to add to the goof, they were facing pages. This is also scanned directly from the original art, not from the as-published pages. And now I discover that the comments section fills up. So, I'll respond here. While I tried a bit of Traveler way back when, it din't play into the creation of Erma and Co. The story started off as as a SF kick around of the tactics of fast assault after my reading about the Son Tay raid, the Mayaguez incident, and the Tehran rescue attempt. That and my own time with the 1st. Special Ops Wing.
2018-01-09 13:37:37 
Glad to see it. Strange, I own the book but don't remember this story as a whole.
2018-01-10 05:30:50 
Happy to at last see the hidden images. This is the Derzon Incident, where the ILR are provoking ConFed and the EDF and then denying they were behind it. In doing so, they lured the EDF into overreacting and causing more destruction than the initial invasion of Derzon. It eroded confidence in world membership with the ConFed.
2018-01-11 00:38:05 
Has anyone else noticed that when Steve is unhappy with the results he gets slow about updates?
2018-01-11 07:51:33 
Not exactly. Though right now I'm in a depressive slump. Nothing awful, just not motivated to be doing much. That this didn't work out very well, in both my execution and the production doesn't help though.
2018-01-11 08:19:15 
If it helps at all, I eagerly await your updates because this universe captured my imagination from the first time I saw the role playing game in a game shop. That led to years now of tracking down the comics.
2018-01-11 19:52:36 
I, too, became aware of the RPG, which led me to the comics. Both are amazing and under-rated. Mr. Gallacci, were you at all inspired by the Traveller RPG? The Erma Felna universe has that same militaristic hard sci-fi flavor, but without the murder hobos of Traveller, but with anthropomorphic animals. Anyway, it occurs to me that, race aside, a group of Traveller characters wouldn't feel too out of place in the world of Erma Felna.