Albedo Volume 3 number 2

Anotehr less than best cover. Trying for some 'fan service' but the colors and such both didn't work well, and the photography in the whole issue came out a bit dark, exasperated the color issues. This issue also has a short back up Beatrix Farmer story, written by Fred Patten and arted by Terrie Smith. Have I explained Beatrix Farmer? Well, she was created as a spoof of the conventions of the superhero. She was an entirely unremarkable bunny character in a world in which various superheroes are the norm, so much so that when she is literally stuck with a super suit, she has to join the local superhero union. But she is not really interested in becoming a superhero. And the original Erma Felna, EDF continuity picks back up at the end of the issue.
2018-02-20 09:49:49 
A little question about Teka: Did you named her after the German brand of kitchen cookware?
2018-02-20 10:51:49 
Don't know the brand, just threw together some sounds