Refractions 1 A Brief History of Known Space

Along with the little slice of life, I also did some background text.
2018-03-28 01:44:59 
I noticed a interesting tidbit about Albedo regarding the species in the setting: You said there's about 163 species, but most of these species so far are from American, Oceanean, some African and European countries. There's very few species from Asian countries, like pandas, tanukis, red pandas, Iriomote cats, etc. Is there a reason for this?
2018-03-28 10:46:45 
Simply missed them. Even to the point that I didn't know about red pandas and tanukis at the time.
Sully Ekki
2018-03-29 17:14:44 
Am I okay to print out these refractions pages? I'm not up to tracking down origionals, but I think it'd be useful to slip the info in with the RPG rule books.