Erma Felna EDF page 393

2018-04-09 02:06:40 
There's a little detail about the last line regarding Frankenstein. According to Dr. K, she says that the book was written in a time of war, but unless it is a mistake of hers, there was no war in either Europe or England, the home country of Mary Shelley, the author of the book in her time, and the closest thing she was referring to was the Battle of Koregaon in India, but I doubt very much that that was the war she was referring to, unless Dr. K would be referring to World War I.
2018-04-09 08:22:47 
Given that these people know nothing at all about the Creators other than what was found on the derelict, Dr. K. is engaging in informed supposition. The derelict was a military ship (or at least was constructed to defend itself) so it's safe to assume that the people who built it engaged in war. However, she probably has only limited idea of the book's place in a timeline (depending on the quality of the translation and the amount of material in the edition's Introduction). She certainly has no context for speculating about the military history of 19th century Europe. :)
2018-04-10 13:14:08 
I think all Dr. K means is that she deduces from the book that war was not unknown to the writer, not that it was set during a war. She is trying to understand if war was a problem for "the Creators" like it is in her own world.