Erma Felna EDF page 458

2018-07-29 00:00:43 
A little question from the previous page: I understand that the Net is the only entity that knows Erma's secret regarding her powers. In this case, how is it that the ship's doctor knows anything about the subject if no one else is supposed to know about her powers, unless I haven't understood something well?
2018-07-29 00:14:14 
Second guessing myself, I would suggest that the Net told the Doctor, in order to give him the best diagnosis and treatment, especially, as he said, she has to take extra precautions.
Major Matt Mason
2018-07-29 08:33:47 
Mmm. The old saw about 'three people can keep a secret if two of them are dead' springs to mind...
2018-07-29 22:16:03 
Pardon my forgetfulness. What is her latent talent again?
2018-07-30 17:02:23 
She had a subtle 3-D situational sense about her. She is also sensitive to to other talents who can 'transmit'.