Erma Felna EDF page 490

Sorry for the long delay in posting more pages. I've been in a depressive funk. Simply not doing anything. This is even as a group is in progress to do a new Albedo game. This time it is a 28mm figure tactical game. And, needless to say, they are doing a wide range of figures and related stuff. It's all looking very good. Check out for more.
2019-01-15 06:07:51 
Glad to see you back. Sorry that you were feeling down (unfortunately I am familiar with the issue - no suggestions from me, only sympathy). We always appreciate you sharing your fantastic work with us!
2019-01-15 08:41:35 
Glad to see a new post!
2019-01-15 13:31:16 
Yes, glad to see you are back. Unfortunately feeling down or depressive funk is all too common around this time of year or any time of year for some. In any case the wait is always worth it however long the wait is. The fear of course is that you might not be back at all you just never know. I had heard about the Albedo Patrol game and that seems pretty awesome. That means there are two things to be happy about today!!
2019-01-16 21:56:18 
Woo Hoo! Happy to have you back!