Erma Felna EDF page 501

2019-01-31 00:32:23 
Ah, the Com/net entity got tired of the bickering.
2019-01-31 02:28:16 
No. The rabbits agreed, but to have them pop off is still a scary thing.
2019-01-31 04:10:43 
Stabilization system?
2019-01-31 04:20:55 
Loss of that much mass would do nasty things to the station. Angular momentum conservation rules will make things "interesting" for the stations occupant s. And Ermas' ship might have to do some dodging if some of those chunks went in the wrong direction.
2019-01-31 04:59:02 
The whole can spins and the rings originally were the counter thrust to get things started. Since then, they fine tune the station's rotation and could be used to brake the whole thing if need be. By loosing them, the station would then need to take more expensive/difficult efforts to de-spin the structure and build new rings. Cleanly loosing the rings would not impart anything to the structure. They are physically isolated with maglev style guides (spinning in the opposite direction of the station) and only get pushed or dragged as needed.
2019-01-31 16:04:42 
Erma is looking to cause minimal damage to satisfy her mission while trying to preserve life by sticking it to the Confed. And she is still not in uniform.
2019-01-31 17:36:48 
For someone who has lost her whole family in a ruthless attack, she's being really diplomatic. I'd blow everything and everyone off looking for solace. Mission. Orders. Confed. Yeah, yeah.
2019-02-01 00:59:21 
Though not obvious, this is all dragging out over some months, so she has plenty of time to settle and reflect.
2019-02-01 02:34:35 
Some months are not "plenty of time" to mourn your parents, lover and child. But well, she's military and captain of her ship and crew, so I guess you have to keep your feelings at bay. Still not wearing her uniform, though.
2019-02-01 12:14:46 
Erma had been raised to be strong and focused to her duty as a proper Dornthantii ought to. Not that she hasn't gone through bouts of private grief. And everyone does process grief and lose differently.