Reality Check page 1

A little bit done to address the sometimes gwad awful fan stories that I'd get hit with on occasion. Most were, as show in the strip, variations of lust after Erma scenarios. And most totally ignored the precedents established in the comics.
Major Matt Mason
2019-02-05 08:40:32 
Hee hee hee! Good stuffs, that. :D
2019-02-05 10:13:41 
2019-02-05 12:19:45 
lol love this
2019-02-05 14:08:24 
Smek the Chad !
2019-02-05 17:00:00 
Ha! Been there and had the little jokers get all bent out of shape when I told them 'No, that member of my tall tales doesn't do/think/act that way.'