Erma Felna EDF page 508

2019-02-20 02:28:27 
Last panel, The look on his face. It's either Bodies or a potentially critical system is missing a chunk.
2019-02-20 04:57:19 
It's safer to attack and talk with the survivors if any. Depleted ammo and a crippled ship. What if the planet has some defenses forces taking of ?
2019-02-20 05:27:32 
I'm trying to remember just where in the ship the bridge is located . The last panel doesn't look good, and shouldn't Erma have. Been suited up in this situation? She looks a little worse for wear here.
2019-02-20 09:58:28 
Erma might not have a suit.
2019-02-20 13:28:12 
Erma looks to be in a bad mood
2019-02-20 16:30:56 
Erma doesn't suit up anymore, much to the concern of her crew.
2019-02-20 17:09:13 
I have been noticing and noticing again that Erma has not been in uniform or in vacc suits. Passive-resisting her persistent situation with the EDF and Confed?
2019-02-20 23:30:12 
Maybe she wants to die in battle?
2019-02-21 04:45:04 
She thinks that most of her family is dead including her child, and the PTB's seem to be more inclined towards covering up the mess rather than investigating what really happened. If it were not for her culturally ingrained sense of duty to others, and the need for command personnel, she would be have been declared Psychologically unfit for Combat Command. As it is Erma She has been sent on a Suicide Mission behind enemy lines, quite probably with a crew that the EDF has decided would not be missed in the Political sense of things.
2019-02-21 15:12:35 
There are some arguments for not wearing a vacc suit that don't involve a casual disregard for one's personal safety. While their suits are surely more advanced than contemporary suits in real life, they are probably still at least a little bit restrictive. And given the velocities involved in these engagements, there's a pretty slim line between safe and vaporized. That being said, I'd still be concerned about Erma's mental health.
2019-02-22 12:48:23 
The way most writers handle it -- we have no actual experience with space war -- is to wear the suit with the helmet off, but keep it handy.