Erma Felna EDF page 509

2019-02-21 04:14:17 
It looks like theship has suffered a major hit. They are lucky the ship didn't break into..some serious structural damage there . Jump? They are lucky to be able to move at all. A "Golden BB" TOtype of hit. THE COLONEL
2019-02-21 04:55:19 
Don't see much of the area "above" or "below" hole. Other than potential SI problems it looks like Nothing "Critical" (Life support, bridge, Engines) was hit. if the "Keel" is still intact they might be able to "limp" home for repair/rebuild.
2019-02-21 10:34:52 
The ship's structure is dispersed throughout all the decks and bulkheads, so no single critical point failure. Similarly, most of life support is dispersed too.
2019-02-21 12:03:06 
A dispersed design is good for warships. It means that they can take a hit, and as long as the Engines, Fuel, and Munitions don't explode you have a good chance of surviving long enough to get away. On the other hand, such designs can be expensive in terms of construction, and maintenance. so most Civilian ships go a cheaper route...
2019-02-22 02:14:59 
Redundancy, redundancy...